Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream 
Matted and fits an 11x14 frame. 

Isn't that just wonderful?!? 
I'm in love with this painting,  and here's the fun part..... 

You can own this beautiful piece!!! 

Last week when I blogged about our fundraising efforts, the artist contacted me!  
She said, "I'd like to donate a piece for you to auction,  if you'd be interested." 
I am so humbled at her generous offer! 
She is shipping it here until our auction is over so we will be able to enjoy for a few days.  I may put in my own bid to keep it!!  ;-)
Thank you again Paula it is just stunning!  

We will be auctioning this beautiful piece and the proceeds will be going towards our trip. 

It is valued at $150 

About the artist:
Paula Walden is a professional artist with an undergraduate degree in art. 
Born and raised in Colorado she currently lives and works in Minneapolis. 

You want another look at it?  I do. 

The auction will run tonight through next sat the 26th. 
Please post your bid in the comments or e mail me and I will add it. 

Thank you Paula,  I can't wait to see it in person,  your generosity has overwhelmed us!  


  1. Its a beautiful painting Danielle… I hope you are able to raise up a lot of interest. May you be blessed with all of you're endeavors. I will have to look into the Jamboree and wash clothes… that would definitely be something I would like.
    Love and Blessings,

  2. Miss Pam, you are such an encouragement. I love you!!!

    The bid is currently $40!! :-)