Friday, February 8, 2013

Hanging on

Have you ever hung on to something, thinking one day you'll be thin enough to wear it? Or one day you'll find the perfect shirt to match that skirt...
I had a closet full of things like that. Holding on to the ____ just in case.

Emotionally my "just in case closet" has been pretty full too. Just in case the baby doesn't have to go home. Just in case one day we are friends again. Just in case ...
Meanwhile my closets get fuller, and fuller, waiting for the "one day".

Well, today I cleaned.
I cleaned out the closet. I cried, I packed, I threw things away.
And I organized. :-)

These are some of my skirts I decided to keep. Rolled and in a drawer I've tried about 5 other ideas for organizing them, but with sharing a small closet, and hanging space in short supply... I'm hoping this works. :-) Emotionally I'm organizing too. But there's no spiffy picture for that. ;-) I'm still gonna be a planner. And I don't know how else to love our little people that I didn't give birth to, any other way than as if they were staying forever! There are things that are worth hanging on to! A memory box I made my husband. Every card my friends have ever sent me. The little handprint Mother's Day cards from my babies. The ultrasounds pictures. My brothers hockey patch. Pictures of our family including foster babies from each new set.


  1. What a lovely blog, and how important it is to clean our emotional closets. :-)

  2. Wow Danielle, this is so sweet. I love how you put everything. I have some of the same things; Things I have held on to. I do love to clean out, and organize and refresh my life... it really helps; but I too have the treasure boxes of precious things I can't get rid of. I love that you think of those babies as forever babies,
    no matter the uncertainty. You are so precious.
    Love Pam

  3. Hey Danielle! Such a sweet post. Sometimes in order to move forward, we all have to get rid of the emotional baggage from our own closets. I love what Pam said that you call them forever babies. So blessed to know there are moms out there like you to take those babies in and love them like they are your own. Take Care!
    Blessings Always,