Thursday, January 19, 2017

What will you choose?

Some days I have to CHOOSE Gratefulness.
In spite of the glaring reasons to be humbled by His goodness, sometimes it's hard. 
The pain is deep,  it's personal, it's lasting.
Does that mean that I can't cry?
Or that grieving isn't a necessary step?
Will God take it personally if I acknowledge that there are days that would take the wind out of any sail?

These questions are obviously rhetorical. He is a big GOD. His shoulders are broader. He is not driven by ego.

But there I was,  rifling through a broken day, littered with tiny shards of hope.  Those last shreds of "maybe".  The realization that something was gone for us, MUST be followed with,  but something new is starting.   The hole that it leaves will have new hopes rush in to fill the empty and repair the broken.   For that process to begin I needed a new focus.
That's when I remembered, I was part of a de-cluttering challenge on Facebook and I still had the laundry room to go through. 
Down to the "pit of despair" I went with my 6 black trash bags, and started purging the welcome boxes. (That's what I call the boxes we pull out when we get a new placement)
We are at our legal limit, (8 in the state of Colorado) and unless God does a miracle,  we are finished adding to our family until our oldest turns 18.  

Today was a day of letting go. 

Tiny pink and blue onesies, footie pajamas, little socks with slip-proof rubber paw prints, and tiny towels with built in hoods.
With each item puked from the boxes,  I remembered the babies that have worn them, the friends who donated them, and the years of my life that I have spent caring for little ones of many races, ages, and backgrounds. 

This is the end of a season and the beginning of a new one.

I am so blessed.  

I am so grateful. 

The book on top of the donate bags is part of the Face-book challenge.  2 bags made it outside before I grabbed this picture. 

Trey and Abi were keeping me company and we decided Trey should model an old pair of his jeans.  He's such a good sport.  We thought he looked very hobbit-like.

God is so good, He's so good to me. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dear Ms Visor

Yesterday we recieved an e-mail from a Ms Super Visor, about our new case worker.
In 8 yrs this has never happened before. And just in case this letter makes it's rounds back to the dept, I would just like to say,  more supervisors should reach out to the families!  It wouldn't take long to copy and paste a little "checking-in" and I KNOW other families would appreciate it! 

Anyway,  for posterity sake,  and for my friends who go by the name S. Worker,  We appreciate you.

Ms. Story,

I am S. Worker's supervisor.  She has listed you as a resource for me to obtain feedback from on how she has been doing this year.  If you could send me information on what you think her strengths are, any areas she struggles with and any additional information you would like to provide.  I don’t include the names of who provides feedback.  I try to generalize the information.


Let me know if you have questions and thank you for taking the time to respond to this, it is very much appreciated.


Ms Super Visor


Good morning!  

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to Ms Worker's families!  

We have worked with 4 other counties in the last 8 yrs and this is the first time we've ever heard from a supervisor! 

Ms Worker has been a pleasure to work with!  She was only recently assigned our case, unfortunately it has gone from a straightforward case to an interesting one with DNA testing and parents who don't speak each other's languages!  She seems to have taken it all in stride.  We have had several occasions to call her, and she has always been very responsive.  If she doesn't know the answer,  she will tell you,  "I don't know,  but I'll get back to you." AND SHE DOES!  :-D 

Please,  feel free to use our names.  We have seen the "burn out" that can happen, and want her to know we appreciate all her efforts on our little person's behalf. 


At this point,  for the sake of keeping things real,  I'll disclose the fact that I forgot to sign my name!
After all that. 
The baby started crying,  someone was making someone else scream, and a diaper needed changing,  and I FORGOT MY OWN NAME
It's the thought that counts. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Together again

When Daddy and the boys came home last night,  there was lots of noise and excitement.
(You can imagine)
This sweet big brother saw our little man, so happy,  but completely overwhelmed, under the table and crawled under there with him. 
Of course I ran to get my phone,  and the moment was almost over when i got back,  but I wanted to document it. 
Fostering/Adopting has changed us all.
But mostly for the better.  ;-)
We all watch movies,  read books,  grill our therapists for every bit of information, every "thing" that might help. But when it comes down to it,  being loved in a way you can accept,  and at a time you can accept it,  is what we've learned best.  When the lights go out and the door closes  Isaiah will holler, "I lub you too mom!" And it means everything!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Breakfast Of Fat Champions

Good morning!! 

You ever had one of those mornings where you can't decide what to make? 
You want hashbrowns, but they take too long. 
You know you need the protein in eggs, but scrambled??? Again???
A really good sausage gravy is definitely on the list, but you JUST had biscuits and gravy the day before.  (ok, maybe that last one is just me)


To start you'll need a real quality sausage gray.  My Mother-in-law makes THE BEST gravy and she shared her secret with me.  Make it all in the same pan!!  Its amazing, and it never fails me. So, here goes.

Take the 2lbs of sausage and brown it. Make sure you've broken up all the big pieces.
DON'T DRAIN IT!!!  Add the 2c of flour right to the meat and stir the bee-jeebers out of it.  The flour soaks up any grease and it'll be amazing.
Then add the milk.  I estimate 3 cups, but you want enough milk to cover the meat and flour mix PLUS a little.  Let it all come to a boil again, and POOF!!!  Perfect gravy!!!! 

Now, back to the casserole.

I layer the ingredients in a buttered 11x13 pan, and it will FILL IT!

1 lg bag of tater tots. (I buy the seasoned, but any will work)
One dozen eggs.  I read somewhere that you should beat your eggs just until there is bubbles around the edges of the bowl, and they are a buttery yellow color.
Then gravy over the whole thing. it will sink in a bit, but trust me. YUM
To top it all off I grated a block of medium cheddar cheese.

Pop that puppy in the oven at 350* for 40min. and try to distract yourself from the amazing smell wafting through the kitchen. 
(If you use the cooking time to clean up your kitchen and set the table, your momma will be so proud of you!!)

Be careful when you take that sucker out of the oven, it's heavy and now it's bubbling and the cheese, and gravy, and the sausage... Mmmmmmmm mesmerizing and deadly!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sleep Study






Absent minded



Single minded

All these things describe Gabriel, but none of them explain him. 

He has a 2yr old mentality. A 15min attention span. A 3yr old vocabulary. And a 18mo old grasp of following directions.  Once a week he wakes up in a mess.  He has holes in his mouth where he has bitten through, and his eyes don't track.  He makes 1-2 goals every 6mo, WHICH IS PROGRESS!! 

For the last 4yrs we have been trying to get him a diagnosis.  The specialty clinics all have waiting lists of 6-18months.  So, needless to say, we had all our hopes pinned on this study.  
(spoiler alert) It doesn't end with a diagnosis and confetti! ;-) 

                                     The rest of my Frappe was literally the highlight of his morning. 
                                     I promised him, just before he went to sleep that I would save some
                                     for him, and it was the first thing he said when he woke up. :-D 

                                            They didn't have a room ready for us upstairs after the CT scan,
                                            so we waited downstairs in the main lobby, for 2hrs. 

                                          Once we got upstairs to our room, the real fun started! 
                                          It took this sweet nurse over an hour to place each little
                                          electrode and then blow dry the glue, the smell... 
                                          YUCK, and pass the Advil! 

                                     The "magic straw" in his hand was a topic of lively discussion. 
                                     Mostly "I hate this. And, "Can we take it out?" 

                                   I went to the dollar store on the way to the hospital and loaded up
                                   on coloring books, silly putty, books to read, and dinosaurs.
                                   Guess which was the only thing he was interested in. ;-) 

48hrs in this little room, with the magic straw, and helmet of glue, and on the last morning the Dr came in to talk to David.  (He came up and switched out after the first day.) 
The results of the scan were un-impressive, and the sleep study showed nothing exciting. 
Our Dr said, "While it's obvious that there is something going on neurologically with Gabe, the technology just simply doesn't exist yet for us to see what it is, or how to treat it." 

The good news?  

Gabriel still talks about the hospital as the best time of his life.  He got mom's special coffee.  He had his OWN pizza and choc cake.  And he got to play x-box, right from his bed!  

Friday, March 11, 2016

Roller Craze

When was the last time you were on Roller Skates?

 If you are like me, you were still in braces, and wearing jeans with paint splatters.
And let's talk about socks for a second... We wore them two at a time, different colors, and slouchy.
hahaha We. Were. Cool.

Well, my hubby had the great idea two weekends ago to rectify this lack of FUN in our lives.
We loaded everyone up, and went out for Family Night. $7 got us in with skate rental and free pizza!

Needless to say, we had a blast!!! EVEN with chasing the littles all night, and dealing with the twins and their total disinterest in anything that didn't involve the arcade. ;-)

 For an extra few bucks you can rent this INGENIOUS braces.
Isaiah went about 4ft on his skates. That was it.  Then he begged for the next hour and 58 minutes to "skate" in his socks. :-D





Ten days of laying around the house while the family members dropped. like. flies.
No therapy, no church, nothing but coughing, medicine and more coughing. Poor Mister P had a fever of 106.6!!! 
(PSA they will look at you like a crazy person if you mention, "On TV they are worried about your brain turning to Jell-O if your child's fever is over 104*!"  Thank you Grey's Anatomy and have ruined my medical expectations forever.)

Today we are all better, and we decided to take the big kids out on a date. 
We have decided that just getting them out of the house, with no little people to chase, or worry about, is a priority.

Oh how I love them.  We had so much fun together!!!

 Trey won the dice game!!
 Grand prize?? SMALL SOFT DRINK!!
He was thrilled! :-D
He would like this picture subtitled, "Pondering my victory".

 Two seconds before I snapped this picture Benji and Trey were doing a "deodorant check" hahaha Life with boys... But then when I tried to capture this teenage moment on film, they balked at the idea of having it immortalized!! WIMPS!
Here is Lolo recreating the moment for you.

After nearly two hours of incident free skating, my handsome man and I were skating, hand in hand, when a very little girl with a skirt on over her jeans, wiped out, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! 
You have hundredths of a second to decide what to do. Do you attempt a superman move?  Leaping in one great bound over the small tike...  Or do you sacrifice all dignity, and try to fall gracefully before running the child over...

My elbow, has an extra lump.  But I am proud to say that the small child was up and back to terrorizing other skaters before I completed my self-check to make sure nothing had fallen off, or was irreconcilably damaged.

Fun was had by all.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


A few weeks ago on the way to work, my hubby was putting gas in his car before work and tripped over the gas hose. He caught himself on his car, but reinjured his wrist.
He figured, it hurts, but I'll be fine, and headed to work.
By the time he got there it was swollen up to a golf ball size!!
They sent him home with a drs note not to return for 5 days.
We saw the hand surgeon 3 days later and he gave us a stylish red and blue removable cast and a "return to work" paper.
I took pics of the poster in the office that shows the bone that is broken. Its the squarish one, the Scaphoid.
We honestly thought that was the end of it, until we called to get him back on the work schedule.
Guess what?!?
No work until he can do all that work requires without a brace!
Soooooo, 4 weeks of unpaid leave!
We are trusting that the shorterm disability will come through soon, and give us a little breathing room. But until then, we are soaking up the family time.