Thursday, March 27, 2014

I can't drive and chew gum at the same time

When my hubby leaves the house for work, and the sun is just starting to come up, and the house is still and quiet, the inner struggle begins. "Stay in bed, go back to sleep, let the therapists help themselves." OR "Get up, start the tea pot, have a little quiet time and savor the peaceful moments." Wednesday morning I chose the latter. 
I got up, reached for my Bible and had a little "come to Jesus" moment.  It went something like this, "Lord, take this trouble from me!!! But if you don't, give me stamina, give me patience, be near me, and help me to not lose my freaking mind!!!!!"  It was a reverant moment. ;-) 
But I've decided that Jesus appreciates an honest heart, as much as I do! :-) 
Then I thought, "I have another hour before the meeting, I'll go sit on my bed, put on my headphones and started up a movie I've been trying to finish on my I pad. 
Not five minutes later I hear the doorbell being rung....persistently. Hahaha 
I sprang from the bed, and went to the door slipping into my robe and there was the social worker and the CASA.  "Hi! I hope it's ok, we're a little early , we wanted to see the kids before the meeting."  
If you are going to anyone's house, except mine, you would call, text, SOMETHING and ask if you could come early. Right???  I mean, it's not just me, right??? 
Any who, woke up the ones they wanted to see, got them dressed, changed little's diaper and fed them while they talked. 
When it was time for the meeting our home supervisor came. Actually 2 minutes after the meeting was scheduled for. (She's my kind of gal!) 
The meeting, did not go as planned. 
The judge denied our request for a referral.  
We haven't talked about this much, but this last placement has been bad, and we are asking the judge to find another placement. Hopefully one that will adopt them, as their bio situation has deteriorated. Things here at home, well, lets just say there have lots of opportunity for character development, and "come to Jesus" moments. 
The judge is denying our referral request because. The "dad" who is actually not related to either of the  children, has a sister. This "Aunt" who isn't related to either of them,  wants "little".  That leaves them with a bit of a problem. 
We will adopt "little", but not "big", and this "Aunt" will only consider taking "big" if "little" is part of the deal.  It is crazy to me that this "Aunt" who isn't even related is who is holding up the process!!!  
They are going to subpoena me to come and speak to the judge, (about what I'm not completely sure)  but court isn't until the 8th ...... OF MAYYYYY!!!!  Can you believe that?!? Another 6 weeks before we can even talk to the judge! Ugh
If you think about us, pray for our little family. 
Pray for wisdom, and strength, pray that we are making good memories. We want to show Jesus' love, not just His tolerance. ;-) 
About the title here, I was driving to my happy place, (aka Hobby Lobby) chomping on my gum, and out of nowhere, I bit my tongue!!!  I don't mean, nipped it, or almost, I mean, I bit it so hard I had to pull over and cry for a minute.   That not the saddest part of my story.   I have been completely obsessed with Wasabi and Soy Almonds!!! And with this "owie" I can't eat them!!!! 
Cue the violin music, and the mournful wailing! 

Made some fun new things this week. 
They are one foot square, and lined with minky.
I think they are so fun! 
One of our therapists said, there would only be one addition if she was ordering one.
A paci ring.
Boy was she right! 
Now you have a little Lovey, with satin tags, and a Paci loop. 
I've made them in three fun colors, but they could be made to match any color scheme! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
I hope y'all are having more fun days  and fewer character building moments. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Public School Momma

I am a homeschool momma, usually. I'm not only a homeschool momma. I'm what you call a second generation homeschool-er. This last 6 months has been all new territory for me. When we received the placement of a 7yr old and his 2yr old sister I thought, "Maybe having to have a little more structure in our morning routine wouldn't be a bad thing. And besides, he'll be in school most of the time, so it won't change our lives all that much." ;-) Let me stop here and remind you, I'm a homschool momma and even these "rationalizations" are new to me. ·Public School is not free. This may not be news to you, but I was under the impression that our taxes paid for it. If you want your child to be involved in Art, Tech, Drama, Music, you have to pay extra per semester! ·School clothes are expensive! Again, your thinking, "Duhhh!" But i thought we'd have clothes that would work for this "little guy". He and Benji are exactly the same size! How was i supposed to know that jeans with pockets on the side of the leg aren't popular, or that a 7yr old would care about what's popular?!? Our new guy had to have "skinny jeans". (Which amounted to Wrangler slims.) Then there's shoes, he wanted skateboard shoes, but he needed gym appropriate shoes, and snow boots! Thankfully his grandma provided another pair of each. Being new to this arena, i got up early, made him breakfast, set out his clothes, went to wake him up, and we walked to the bus stop together. After a few mornings of this, his teacher called me, "Did you know that we offer hot breakfast here at the school?" I did know, but I felt like a hot breakfast was the least i could do... Then she surprised me. "We were wondering if it would be ok, if he ate here, it would help break up his morning." So, now I get up, lay out his clothes and fuss over whether or not i wore the same leggings/sweater combo yesterday or not. Then there's the backpack spelunking. I literally hold my breath and reach into the bowels of his bag, praying that there are no sharp objects or food that is going green. Why do i brave this treacherous terrain? Because when you ask the child what they learned that day you are met with silence and evasion. (This kid should be in counter-intelligence!) Can we talk about the "School Breaks"? Number one, why are there so many??? Number two, what am i supposed to do with a child that is used to having a minute by minute schedule? So, now you see how the naivete has been peeled away, piece by piece. What we are left with is a morning like this one. 6:50 My phone starts to chirp, I tell it to try again in 5 minutes, because somehow I'll be more awake by then. 6:55 It's chirping again and I restrain myself from throwing it across the room. Instead I get up, head downstairs, wake up the child, follow him back upstairs to get dressed near the fireplace. 7:00 pack the child a small snack, because it's the least i can do. Child informs me, he has three of those in his bag from last week because he "hates them and their nasty". 7:01. For the second time this morning i show restraint, this time i pair it, empathy. (my mom would've made sure i had a snack i enjoyed, he deserves no less, despite his reaction.) 7:03 Inform child that I'm going to go start the car, and will be waiting for him. 7:10 Return to the house seeking "lost" child. Find him rummaging through the toy box for his football that is diddeeply and without warning the ONLY possession he can't leave home without. 7:15 drag the child from the house, he is passively resisting, none too quietly. 7:18 drive the bus route hoping to catch it before it just makes sense to drive the rest of the way to school. 7:20 find the bus, wish the child a good day, met with silence, encourage him to hurry and be sweet to his bus driver. I watch him walk to the bus he doesn't look back until in exhaustion i close my eyes and thank God i found the bus and don't have to go all the way to school. 7:21 I look up, he is standing in the of the bus waving to me and it dawns on me, Public School moms only have this morning routine with their kids. This is the only chance i will have to get his day started right. When he gets to school it will be all about the teachers, the clothes, the activities and the other counter-intelligence operatives. This public school mom thing has taught me a lot! But i hope that at least this lesson sticks with me, it's only 30 min in the morning, but it needs to count!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hot pink and grey with a pocket

So this little cover started with a set of buttons. :-) 

When I saw them on the rack they just sung, "Usssssse us!!!!".  And so I obliged! 

One of them is an adorable pink and grey argyle!!!! I'm still chewing on how to showcase that one. I'll let you know. ;-) 

My I pad goes everywhere I go, but then so does my wallet, keys, phone, ugh.  
With this set of covers you can streamline the process. 
Sometimes all you need is your I-pad for your grocery list and some cash!  The button closure keeps whatever you decide to put in the pocket, well, IN! :-D 

Love working with these colors, the hot pink and grey is so fun! 

Owl cover

I decided to jump on the owl bandwagon. There are so many fun owl shaped crocheted things online! I just had to try to make my own. This guy goes together easily and I think he turned out great! I have a very bulky I-pad cover and I was worried that it wouldn't fit, but it does!!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm not gonna say that my I-pad or I-phone is "THE MOST IMPORTANT" thing in my life.... that's just silly! That being said, I have been known to turn around and go back to the house if I forget either of them!! Since they are both with me all the time I decided they needed some extra protection. I love my "Otter" boxes and while they provide fantastic safety for my devices they don't do anything for my sense of aesthetics. ;-) I came up with some fun new covers, then the kids wanted some! I can make them in any color combination you can imagine and would be happy to accessorize your "baby" too! :-)

Some fun new things

The last few weeks have been so so stressful.  I can't post about it until the investigation is complete, but suffice it to say, I've been needing an outlet. :-) 

*side note: 
We had our re certification last week and our home supervisor was asking, "What do you do, for YOU?"  David handed her an I-pad cover I crocheted. ;-)  Her next question, "How do you handle the stress?"  Again David hands her the I-pad cover. :-D ha ha ha cracked me up!

So here are a few more things I've been working on. :-) 

A full sized sleep sack with flower closures. :-) 
I used two strands of super soft acrylic, and I really love how it turned out!  But a sack this cute needs a hat....I thought so anyway. 

I saw this pattern for a "Rosy Heart" and just loved it!!! (It takes a little doing...but I think it's worth the effort) 
And together, they are a perfect pair! 

I hope y'all are well, and I look forward catching up on your blogs as things settle down again! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Some fun new creations

I've been crocheting like crazy lately.
Nothing is as relaxing or rewarding to see something like this...
And making my own version.
Then there was this hat. 
I loved it SOOOOO much, and in conjunction with the afghan...
Sorry it's a smidge blurry. :-( 
Here they are together.
I can't wait to see the baby they were made for!  She was born on Monday and is already on my "top favorite babies ever" list. 
Next up, my sweet Benji. 
He had an ear infection that ended badly, and needs a hat. So...
He loves it, so I love it! :-)